Cooperation period: July 2021 to the present
Objectives: to launch and open a new gastronomic project in Nizhny Novgorod

Participation in gastronomic awards, popularization of the restaurant among local and Moscow mass media


200 customer requests received from the site

8 newsbreak created from July to December 202

67 publications in mass media within 5 months

850,000 unique users saw our 27 publications in Telegram channels

1,500,000 users learned about our project over 3 months through 32 blogger's publications

8 top journalists from Moscow visited the project

1 significant gastronomic dinner with a guest chef

How we did it:

During the subscription period:

- Developed PR strategies (personal and brand)

- Organized advertising campaigns

- Used a comprehensive SMM and digital-marketing

- Initiated publications in the media

- Developed events and newsbreaks

- Applied co-marketing and influencer-marketing tools