Gastronomic Festival "YES, CHEF!
Cooperation period: June - August 2022

Media partners engagement

Media coverage in media about the Festival organization

A press tour for federal mass media organization

Inviting mass media to the festival, accreditation, and coordination during the event

Press-conferences and individual interviews at the festival organization and conducting


Over 230 mentions of the festival in mass media including TV channels

Working with the media partners results: 38 publications in mass media, 34 publications in Telegram network, 28 publications in other social networks

The press releases mailing results: 91 publications in mass media, 30 publications on TV channels, 10 publications in other social networks

A press tour to Nizhny Novgorod for leading federal lifestyle media and a millionaire blogger organization

4 interviews organized

21 media visited the festival

6 media visited the press conference